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We Help Businesses Do Business Better

There are more than 10 companies under the VGM Group umbrella, and every single one is focused on helping simplify the complexities of doing business. We are here to overcome challenges business professionals face by providing a wide array of services, from product distribution to patient care coordination.

We got our start in the post-acute healthcare space, where we’ve been a leader for over 35 years. Throughout that time, VGM has expanded our services to help businesses in a range of other industries as well. When businesses partner with VGM, they can use our expertise to scale operations with data insights and efficiency.

Ultimately, what sets us apart is our people. As a 100% employee-owned company, we truly care about the success of our customers—because when they succeed, we succeed.

Our services fall into one of the following categories:

Customer Engagement
  • Full-service marketing
  • Printing
  • Website Development
  • Retail Design
Patient Supports
  • Care coordination
  • Medical supply fulfillment
  • Call center
  • Outcomes measurement
Expert Advice
  • Billing & reimbursement advice
  • Audit support
  • Government advocacy
  • PHI security & compliance

At VGM, we simplify the complexities of doing business.

Knowledge Sharing
  • Conference & trainings
  • Online education
  • CEUs
  • News magazines
Strategic Solutions
  • Specialty insurance
  • Finance & leasing
  • Market data
  • National vendor connections
Business Innovation
  • Help desk
  • IT Services
  • Tech investments

VGM News


Careers Community VGM News

VGM Group Names HME Industry Veteran Dan Bunting as Senior Advisor

VGM Group Inc. is excited to announce that Dan Bunting has joined the team as a senior advisor. In this role, Bunting will help VGM continue to develop long-term strategies to help promote and support its customers and the HME industry as a whole.

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Careers Community Employee Ownership VGM News

Stories From the VGM Group Child Care Center: Finding Convenience and Comfort

Sometimes, all a kid needs is to be comforted by mom or dad. It can make all the difference. And one of the best things about VGM’s new on-site child care center is that you can be right there for your kids when they need you. That’s been a major benefit to Tyler Mahncke, president of U.S. Rehab, who has two kids in VGM’s child care center.

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Q2 Giving

Careers Community VGM News

VGM Group’s Q2 Community Giving Focuses on Education & Literacy

For VGM Community Giving’s Q2 donation efforts, they focused on schools and organizations that help promote education and literacy to local children. Donations for Q2 totaled $15,500. Learn more about the three organizations and schools.

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Family of five with trees in background

Careers Community Employee Ownership VGM News

Stories From the VGM Group Child Care Center: Child Care You Can Trust

Nick Dideriksen, director of business technology for Forbin’s managed IT services, and his wife Briley know a thing or two about child care in the Cedar Valley. The two have three kids: daughters Quinn, who turns 8 in July, and Lennon, who turned 6 in April, and son Brooks, who turned 3 in May.

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VGM Group Extends Child Care Benefit to Even More VGM Families

Employee Ownership

VGM Group Extends Child Care Benefit to Even More VGM Families

Since it opened in November 2023, VGM Group’s on-site child care center has been a life-changing benefit to its working parents. Now, VGM is excited to extend that same benefit to even more of its families.  

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Careers Community Employee Ownership Recognition VGM News

VGM Group Announces 2024 Scholarship Program Winners

VGM Group, in partnership with the Waterloo Community Foundation, has awarded six $1,500 scholarships to dependents of VGM Group employees. “At VGM, we believe that supporting our employee owners also involves supporting their loved ones,” said VGM Chief People Officer Sara Laures.

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VGM Group’s Q1 Community Giving Focuses on Accessibility

Careers Community DEI VGM News

VGM Group’s Q1 Community Giving Focuses on Accessibility

Providing accessibility to children of all ages and abilities can inspire inclusion and build a stronger community. For Q1 of 2024, VGM supported two organizations to help achieve their goals of providing all children with a space where they can join in some fun. Donations for the two organizations totaled $20,000. Learn more about them below.

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Careers Community Employee Ownership VGM News

Stories From the VGM Group Child Care Center: A Spot for Weston

“The child care center was one of the main reasons VGM appealed to me,” said Samantha Doering (Corporate Communications & Events). Her 19-month-old son Weston, who Samantha says is now “a completely different kid,” started going to the VGM child care center when it opened in November 2023.

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