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What We Do

Running a business is hard. We make it easy.

For more than 35 years, VGM Group has been a leader in the post-acute healthcare industry, providing an array of services, from product distribution to patient care coordination. Our services are constantly evolving to meet our customers’ needs. Today, VGM Group includes more than 10 companies helping businesses improve and scale operations. Whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop or a global corporation, in the healthcare industry and beyond, we’re here to help businesses do business better.

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You Belong at VGM

When you join VGM — you don’t just work here, you own the place. As a 100% employee-owned company, VGM Group offers you a chance to make your place of work more than just a place to work. It’s why we have so many unique perks (like an on-site child care center and language learning program). And it’s why VGM Group is consistently recognized as an Iowa Top Workplace, Employer of Choice, and a Best Place for Working Parents.

We have employee owners in 36 states and Canada, working in nearly every field—from tech jobs to warehouse work. Whatever you’re looking for, there is endless opportunity for you to create your future at VGM Group.

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Strengthening Our Community

VGM Group’s employee owners play an active role in making a positive impact on the community. Each year, we support a variety of local organizations through our community giving and volunteering efforts. In the past 10 years, VGM Group has contributed more than $1,500,000 back to the community in direct donations alone.

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What Is Employee Ownership?

Employee ownership is central to 100% of what we do at VGM Group because our employees own 100% of the company. It drives our entire culture, how we work with our customers, and how we work with each other. When our company does well, we receive a contribution to our employee stock ownership plan—or ESOP—retirement accounts. That means everyone you speak to at VGM Group has a vested interest in long-term success. But that’s only the beginning!

Take a moment to learn more about employee ownership and the future we’re building at VGM Group.

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    I hope this newsletter finds you healthy, happy, and focused on finishing out a great year! As many of you may have read, I have begun to focus more on our advocacy efforts and ensuring that VGM is here to support you in the legislative and regulatory aspects of your business. I know firsthand that some of you are dialed into the advocacy world, while others may not view these activities as an important part of your business. In our current government climate, I implore you to re-evaluate your a

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    Every year from mid-November through December 31, providers can decide if they want to participate in Medicare for the upcoming year. In early to mid-November, your MAC will send a post card reminding you about the annual participation open enrollment...

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