Our Company

VGM Group offers professional services to help our business customers grow, diversify offerings, and sustain their competitive advantage. We are experts in our various fields who care about our customers’ success.

We have five purposes behind our business:

1) As an employee-owned company, we empower employee owners to impact the business, no matter their role.

We are guided by what we call our Power of One principles, which are ideas we embrace each day. These include:

  • Own Your Ownership
  • Protect Our Company
  • Cheer Each Other On
  • Make a Difference
  • Create Your Future
  • Provide Meaningful, Memorable Service
  • Welcome Change
  • Find the Fun in Your Day

The Power of One is the ability of one employee to lean into what they do every day to powerfully impact the business. It’s how we’ve operated since day one. When we provide the right support to employees, they do great things. Learn more on the Employee Ownership page.

2) We are focused on making a difference in the community.

VGM’s Community Giving committee chooses nonprofit organizations to financially support every quarter, based around a different theme. Themes have included mental health, childhood education, and pandemic recovery. In addition, VGM’s employee owners are active community volunteers, with many serving on boards of local nonprofits. Visit the Community Support page to learn more.

3) We strive to simplify the complexities of doing business.

Our services fall under the categories of customer engagement, strategic solutions, business innovation, and knowledge sharing. All the services we offer help businesses in different ways—from protecting their assets, to fighting for their rights, or marketing their products. Put simply, VGM Group lets businesses focus on what matters most—their customers. Visit the What We Do page to learn more.

4) Our core mission is to support healthcare professionals in the post-acute healthcare industry.

Van G. Miller started this company in 1986 to help providers of home medical equipment (HME) build a community and save money. While VGM has grown and changed over the years, we’ve remained focused all along on constantly evolving our business to provide valuable business services in the post-acute care space.

5) We seek to have a positive impact on patient quality of life.

Whether we’re delivering a PAP machine—and a better night’s sleep—directly to a patient’s door or coordinating care for a HOMELINK partner, the real meaning of our work comes from how we touch the lives the of patients. For example:

  • Ben worked with a young patient who was growing like a weed and had outgrown their power wheelchair—a piece of equipment they’d been using for years. Like any young kid, maintaining their mobility was essential, so they could keep doing what they loved.  After two dedicated months of hard work, Ben was able to get the chair they could grow into.
  • Melissa worked with an ongoing patient for several months after an injury, providing translation services. With her help, they were able to return to an independent, normal life.
  • A HOMELINK employee owner’s partner fell from a roof and experienced multiple injuries. VGM had her home stocked with all the medical equipment they needed within 24 hours—before they even got home from the hospital.