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NewsArchive: January 2024

VGM Group Merges Marketing Agencies

VGM News

VGM Group Merges Marketing Agencies

VGM Group is excited to announce the merger of two of its marketing agencies, Two Rivers Marketing and Moxie, effective January 1. The combined team — which will operate as part of Des-Moines based Two Rivers Marketing (2RM) — expands the services and capabilities that each agency has been known for, and provides our clients a true powerhouse of a

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Cassi Price

Careers Recognition VGM News

VGM Forbin Names Cassi Price as President

VGM Forbin, a VGM Group Inc. company, is excited to announce Cassi Price as its new president.

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Peter Martin

Employee Ownership Recognition VGM News

VGM Group Adds Peter Martin to Senior Leadership Team

VGM Group is excited to announce that Peter Martin will join its senior leadership team as the new president of VGM Fulfillment beginning Jan. 15, 2024. VGM senior leaders play a key role in creating the strategic vision for the company and how it serves its customers and partners, employee owners, and the community.

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