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NewsVGM Group Adds Peter Martin to Senior Leadership Team

VGM Group is excited to announce that Peter Martin will join its senior leadership team as the new president of VGM Fulfillment beginning Jan. 15, 2024. VGM senior leaders play a key role in creating the strategic vision for the company and how it serves its customers and partners, employee owners, and the community.

Since 2012, Martin has served on the leadership team at Target Corp. Most recently, he served as group vice president – food supply chain, where he was responsible for all aspects of Target's $10 billion food and beverage supply chain operations across the United States. He holds a BSE in mechanical engineering from Arkansas State University and an MBA from Missouri State University.

“Through an extensive interview process, Pete stood out as an incredible addition to VGM,” said VGM Group CEO Jeremy Stolz, who previously served as president of VGM & Associates and VGM Fulfillment. “Not only does he bring decades of distribution and logistics experience to our industry, he brings a mindset that aligns perfectly with VGM’s commitment to our community.”

Martin, like VGM, has deep ties to the area. He has lived in the Midwest for the past 20 years. And since 2014, he and his family have called the Cedar Valley home. Martin has even taught undergraduate- and graduate-level courses at the University of Northern Iowa. In his new role with VGM, Martin plans to continue serving his community.

“The work VGM employee owners do each day matters, both for their customers and for the community,” Martin said. “I am excited to join VGM Group and to do my part, as a senior leader and employee owner, to continue to make a difference in the community I call home.”

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