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NewsVGM opens Tech Center

VGM Group continues its investment in the Cedar Valley with the opening of a new Tech Center.    

The 8,200 square foot workspace is located in VGM’s annex building located at 4024 Alexandria Drive in Waterloo. The cost to renovate this portion of the annex was over $120,000 and features unique amenities that include collaboration rooms, treadmill desks, a Lego wall, custom built bar and a four-player video game console with over 2,000 games.              

“We’ve made substantial investments in our business to position us for future success,” said Mike Mallaro, CEO of the VGM Group, Inc. “The Tech Center serves as a central hub for all things related to data and programming for VGM’s companies. The new workspace creates an environment that fosters idea creation and promotes collaboration for our programmers – all in a non-traditional, comfortable space designed to serve any generation of worker.”    

Renovations were completed in March and VGM’s 33 programmers, who had previously been working within individual divisions, moved into the new space in May. The expansion at VGM’s main campus, located at the intersection of Ansborough Avenue and San Marnan, allowed for divisions to shift locations - opening up the space for development of the new Tech Center.  

“We had our programmers and analysts spread out throughout multiple business units before, so we were intentional about designing a space where they can all work in the same space and learn and grow together,” said Sara Laures, senior vice president of People and Strategy. “Having a central location for them to work side by side has allowed for synergies in workflows, productivity and project completion. The space is also designed to allow for growth and t is used as a tool to attract and retain top talent.”   

VGM’s three divisions that occupy the annex, including Strategic Imaging and VGM Forbin, share a state-of-the art break area. Associates have 24-hour access to a fitness area, pool table, lactation room, TrackMan golf simulator, arcade games, ping-pong and kitchenette.