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NewsVGM Introduces the 2016 HME Playbook – A Free Resource for the Industry







In December, John Gallagher, VGM’s vice president of Government Relations, penned an editorial titled The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn. The industry had just received news that our competitive bidding rural relief and CRT accessory cut bills had been left out of the Omnibus bill, despite being closer than ever before to being included. While the HME industry’s regulatory issues are challenging, the “dawn” referred to in Gallagher’s title is closer than we think.

Market trends show a promising future for businesses that are willing to change their models to accommodate the wants and needs of the modern health care consumer. Sixty percent of individuals aged 50 to 64 suffer from at least one chronic health condition. This number will continue to grow as the population ages.

The next 25 years will be a golden age for HME businesses to thrive.

It is with this optimism that VGM will continue to work with VGM Members to adapt their businesses to the new age of HME products and services. Our team of experts has combined their knowledge to create the 2016 HME Business Playbook. The free playbook is chock-full of innovative ideas that can take your business to the next level. It discusses the following:

  • Market and health care trends that demonstrate the need for HME businesses that offer the type of shopping experience that consumers will seek and all that includes.
  • New business and revenue opportunities, including non-reimbursable and reimbursable products and categories.
  • Product life-cycle economics and provides a list of 15 innovative products to try in 2016.
  • An “in focus” view of using big data, the science of retail and outcomes measurement.
  • Competitive bidding information formulated especially for the region you live – original metropolitan bidding areas, micropolitan non-bidding areas or rural.

The dawn of discovering new ways for HME business to succeed is right at our feet. Is your business ready to make the moves that will carrying you into the HME golden age?