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NewsVGM Group Unites Varied Businesses Around Shared Values

VGM Group unites varied businesses around shared values

By: Richard Lane - For the Des Moines Register

Waterloo-based VGM Group might not be a household name, but “if you use utilize our services,you definitely know what we do and can't live without us,” says the company's chief people officer, Sara Laures.

Employee-owned, VGM Group is a nationally recognized leader within the patient-centered care industry, offering a diverse collection of subsidiaries and services. Supported by over 1,300 employees, company sectors include distributing medical equipment to patients' homes, enabling efficiency by managing health care networks and providing marketing strategies to help companies grow.

“We have about 20 different independent operating companies under the VGM Group umbrella,” Laures said. “It's hard to put it in one sentence, but I would say we just help businesses do business better.”

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