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NewsVGM Group Extends Child Care Benefit to Even More VGM Families

Since it opened in November 2023, VGM Group’s on-site child care center has been a life-changing benefit to its working parents. Now, VGM is excited to extend that same benefit to even more of its families.  

Effective immediately, the VGM On-Site Campus Child Care Center is open to any child whose parent, legal guardian, grandparent, aunt, or uncle is employed by VGM Group.  

VGM Child Care Center Classrooms

“We are so proud of our on-site child care center,” said VGM Chief People Officer Sara Laures. “We built the center to make a difference for working parents who were struggling to find quality, affordable child care. And we’re committed to doing more. That’s why we’re now extending this amazing benefit to VGM grandparents, aunts, and uncles.” 

To open the center, VGM Group partnered with Community United Child Care Centers (CUCCC), which operates three other child care centers in the Cedar Valley. Its hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, and there are currently openings available for children ages 2 to 5.  

Convenience has been a huge benefit to VGM parents with children enrolled at the center. But that’s far from the only perk. It’s a place where kids can form friendships—friendships that also connect VGM employee owners.  

 “VGM’s child care center has been a great experience for us so far,” said Nick Dideriksen, director of business technology for VGM Forbin’s managed IT services. “It’s nice that the other parents are also my coworkers. I would absolutely recommend looking into the center to any VGMers with kids. The friendships my son Brooks has made at the center with the other kids, has made my relationships with coworkers, new and existing, stronger as well.” 

All children enrolled at the VGM’s child care center also receive the same pre-K curriculum used at other CUCCC centers. Plus, CUCCC has an open-door policy for anyone with a child enrolled in the center. So, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles can visit during the workday.  

“I appreciate that VGM listened to its employee owners and the community and then did something about it,” said Irina Hageman, a program underwriter with VGM Insurance whose son is enrolled at the VGM center. “So few companies would see parents struggling like that and choose to do anything about it. And VGM did.” 

The VGM On-Site Campus Child Care Center is operated by CUCCC. It is available to any child whose parent, legal guardian, grandparent, aunt, or uncle is an active VGM employee. Start creating your future—and your little one’s—at