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NewsVGM Family Fund Tops $100,000 Milestone

In January of 2021, VGM Group, Inc. launched the VGM Family Fund, an employee-funded program that helps fellow employee owners in their time of need. The response from employee owners has been overwhelming. Since 2021, the Fund has raised and awarded more than $100,000 to help nearly 200 employee owners get back on their feet.  

“I didn’t know where else to turn,” one recipient said. “I’m so glad this program exists.”

Part of Our Culture

We all face hardship at some point in our lives, no matter how well we prepare or how much caution we take. But VGM employee owners always look to Make a Difference—in the community and for each other.

“Helping others has always been part of our culture,” said Sara Laures, VGM’s chief people officer. “When we started the VGM Family Fund, we knew employee owners would jump at the chance to help each other. But the generosity has been beyond what we ever imagined.”

The Power of Employee Ownership

The VGM Family Fund has really gained momentum this past year. In 2022, a fundraising committee was formed to help spread the word about the Fund, an idea that came from one of our own employee owners. Jen Gilbert, copywriting manager at Moxie, presented the concept during VGM’s Pitchabaloo competition. She won second place in the competition and is helping Make a Difference for more employee owners as a result.

“Stories like this and the $100,000 milestone show there’s almost no limit to what VGM employee owners can accomplish together,” Laures said. “When we see an opportunity to help—whether it’s for our customers, our community, or the employee owner next to us—we find a way to Make a Difference.”

Make a Difference

There are several ways employees can make a difference. Watch for VGM-sponsored events that benefit the VGM Family Fund. For example, during the 2023 Heartland Conference, employee owners showed their creative side by producing some amazing canvases to be auctioned. This brought in over $1,600 to the Fund.  And on Aug.17, employees can tip during the Summer Series event Pizza, Puzzles and Pints.

Employees can also donate directly to the VGM Family Fund—payroll deduction or credit card—with either one-time or recurring contributions.