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NewsVGM, Essentially Women join forces

WATERLOO, Iowa – Dec. 31, 2015 – VGM Group, Inc., has joined forces with Essentially Women and will offer its services and programs to members of the nearly 20-year-old member service organization.

“EW will continue to operate as a stand-alone company, and will retain its name, brand and values,” said Christa Miehe, a 13-year veteran of VGM Group and the new president of Essentially Women.  “Cindy Ciardo, manager of vendor relations, and Melinda Smith, manager of membership services, will continue in their current roles.”

“The organization will retain its uniqueness as a women’s group, which is an important part of the history,” Miehe continued. “EW’s intimate feel and integrity will be maintained, it will not be swallowed up but rather continue as its own entity.”

Essentially Women Members will have access to additional products and services at members-only prices from the VGM Group. VGM also offers in-house reimbursement expertise, an aggressive government relations department and a wide array of business services ranging from Web development and marketing to education, audit defense, and finance programs.

“We’re looking forward to the greater resources and member services offerings that this alliance affords our membership,” said Ciardo. “We will remain focused on our members and work hard to strengthen and build on our offerings to deliver even greater value.”

Essentially Women has been owned and managed since 1996 by a group of businessmen and women committed to helping independent providers succeed. It has more than 500 members in 1,000 locations.

VGM, founded in 1986 as a buying group for independent home medical equipment providers, today partners with more than 25,000 businesses and organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

“Both companies were founded on the principle of providing business solutions to independent providers so that they can focus on what’s most important, taking care of their patients,” concluded Miehe.  “A foundation and belief that will continue to drive our companies into the future.”

For more information about Essentially Women and their merger with VGM Group, Inc. contact Christa Miehe at 319-274-8484 or email at [email protected]