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NewsThree Ways for Health Care Businesses to Keep Patients Safe from Cybersecurity Threats

Protecting Your Customers Online Today Will Pay Off Tomorrow

By Cassi Price, VGM Forbin

Did you know each patient record costs the average health care company $200 in the event of a breach, but cybersecurity prevention averages only $8 per patient record, according to a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers? While the cost of cybersecurity may seem great, the cost of ignoring it can be much greater, and if you think you’re not a target for cyber criminals, you’re wrong. In 2015, over 100 million patient records were compromised, as reported by the Office of Civil Rights under Health and Human.

Last month, the team at VGM Forbin provided eight tips to start protecting your business online.  However, protecting your customers comes with its own set of challenges. In order to keep your customers safe, here are three quick tips to start implementing in your office today:

  1.  Educate customers on keeping protected health information private. Although patients sharing protected health information on their own is not a violation of HIPAA, it is not safe. Odds are, your customers really don’t know why they need to keep certain information private and what the consequences are if their health information is compromised. Talk with your customers about what is considered protected health information and when and where they can share that information.
  2.  Be vigilant in HIPAA compliance. While we’re sure you are HIPAA compliant, we’re afraid many businesses do the bare minimum when it comes to compliance. Take HIPAA compliance to the next level, and show your customers the great lengths you go to when protecting their privacy. After all, empowering your employees to stay current on HIPAA protocol to the point where they are comfortable discussing it with customers will help ensure your team is educated beyond the standard!
  3.  Go the extra mile to protect against cyberthreats. Become a student of cybersecurity, and keep yourself informed of the latest threats. Because cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to steal private records, as business owners you need to stay ahead of the game. Discuss your desire to be informed of cyberthreats with your web provider, and ask for updates/websites you can reference to stay on top of it.

Follow these tips as well as our eight business protection tips to secure your company and your customers. If you have questions about how to keep your company secure online, reach out to VGM Forbin today at 877-814-7485.