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NewsTake a Stand Against Falls – Host a Falls Prevention Screening at Your Store

PFQClogo_5473          ncoa-logo-230x78 The eighth annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day will be observed on Sept. 23. Falls threaten the safety and independence of older adults and generate enormous economic costs. Falls Prevention Awareness Day is a nationwide push, led by the National Council on Aging, to bring a surge of awareness to the impact of falls and ways to reduce them. This year, People for Quality Care and VGM Group, Inc. partners will not only participate in Falls Prevention Awareness Day, but promote fall prevention throughout September. To achieve a sizeable impact across the country, we need your help. Your store works tirelessly to provide older adults with the equipment they need to prevent falls. You have incredible expertise in your field and we invite you to partner with us on Sept. 23 by hosting a falls prevention screening at your store. WHAT IS A FALLS PREVENTION SCREENING? A falls prevention screening is an event where health professionals provide participants with specific exams to assess if they are at risk for falls. Participants are screened for fall risk factors with:

  • Vision exams
  • Balance and gait testing
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Foot exams
  • Medication review

After a participant is screened, health professionals may identify that they are at risk for falls, and provide them with recommendations and next steps. Your store would also provide resources for participants too, such as fall-prevention equipment and educational materials. WHY SHOULD I HOST A FALLS PREVENTION SCREENING?

  • The expertise and equipment you provide to older adults plays a crucial role in falls prevention. You are a natural partner.
  • It will give older adults and referral sources an incentive to come into your store.
  • It will open up an opportunity for you to partner with community-based organizations.
  • It is a great opportunity for your business to be put in a positive light.
  • You will be contributing to an important nationwide movement.

HOW LONG DOES MY EVENT HAVE TO BE? Your screening can be as short or as long as you like, based on the activities you would like to incorporate. For example, you may want to keep it simple by having a podiatrist come in to provide foot exams for one hour or a physical therapist doing balance/gait testing throughout the day. WHO WILL HELP ME COORDINATE THE DETAILS OF MY EVENT? People for Quality Care will assist you in the coordination of your event. We understand you are very busy and have dedicated the month of September to make sure you have a successful event. We will research organizations in your area that you could potentially partner with to host a screening and assist you with event promotion. Partners could include physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, medical students, podiatrists, optometrists, etc. WILL THERE BE COSTS FOR ME TO HOST A SCREENING? Yes/no. We will not charge you for our time associated with event support. However, there may be costs associated with the printing of educational materials (brochures/handouts about falls-prevention), advertising your event and the professionals who come to your store. These costs are flexible, based on your preference. PLEASE NOTE: Costs incurred could be split with other organizations who partner with you. Sign up to host a falls prevention screening by contacting Lalaina Rabary at [email protected] or 866-544-7913. More info on falls prevention at Our partners  Logo2VGMEducation2013CESolutions_360_273_divisionof-and-taglineVGM Retail_MAIN_redblue