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NewsStories From the VGM Group Child Care Center: Finding Convenience and Comfort

Sometimes, all a kid needs is to be comforted by mom or dad. It can make all the difference. And one of the best things about VGM’s new on-site child care center is that you can be right there for your kids when they need you.  

That’s been a major benefit to Tyler Mahncke, president of U.S. Rehab, who has two kids in VGM’s child care center: daughter Lakelyn (almost 5) and son Conway (almost 2).  

“Nothing beats having your kids in the same place you go to work,” Tyler said. “When Lakelyn got some shots at the doctor’s office recently, it was nice to be able to just head downstairs, give her some Tylenol and a hug so she could have a good rest of the day. It’s a small thing, but it means a lot.”  

Lakelyn and Conway went to another center in the area before coming over to VGM. While they were generally happy with the care their children received, Tyler and his wife Tonya decided VGM’s center was the best move for their family.  

“It’s so convenient,” Tyler said. “We live close to VGM and I come to work in the office every day, so it just makes sense. And of course, when the kids are sick, it helps that I’m already there to be able to pick them up and take them home. When they were at the other center, it would take me over an hour to pick them up, take them home, and then get to back to the office if I needed to.”  

Beyond the convenience and comfort of having his children so close, Tyler noted that quality—both in the facility and the curriculum—was a big selling point for him and Tonya.  

“It’s a brand-new facility,” Tyler said. “The team did such a great job creating this space for kids to learn and play. And the fact that the center has the same school curriculum as the other Community United centers is even better. It’s tough for other options in the area to compete.” 

If you ask Tyler, any parent at VGM should seriously consider bringing their child to the on-site child care center.  

“Transitions can always be tough, especially on kids,” Tyler said. “When we brought Lakelyn and Conway over, I got to take time over lunch or throughout the day to stop down and comfort them. That would have been impossible at any other center. The convenience and comfort have been really great for our family.” 

The VGM On-Site Campus Child Care Center is operated CUCCC. It is available to any child whose parent, legal guardian, grandparent, aunt, or uncle is an active VGM employee.