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NewsStories From the VGM Group Child Care Center: Child Care You Can Trust

Nick Dideriksen, director of business technology for Forbin’s managed IT services, and his wife Briley know a thing or two about child care in the Cedar Valley. The two have three kids: daughters Quinn, who turns 8 in July, and Lennon, who turned 6 in April, and son Brooks, who turned 3 in May.

“Child care has always been a bit of a challenge,” Nick said. “We started with an in-home day care, and we were there until Quinn was 3 and Lennon was 1. After that, we went to a center that was right across the street from Briley’s work, which was much more convenient.”

Convenience played a big factor in their decision to bring Brooks over to the VGM On-Site Child Care Center, too. It wasn’t the only one, however.

“I’m in the office every day anyway, so at some level it just makes sense for me to bring Brooks along with me,” Nick said. “For the most part, the cost is comparable to what we were paying at another center, but VGM’s facility is brand new. It’s really tough to beat that.”

The pricing structure at the VGM child care center also allows the Dideriksens to reduce the number of hours Brooks is at the center in the summer months. This means he can spend a bit more time with his sisters when they’re out of school for the year.

“We’re always big on family time, so it’s great to be able to have Brooks play around and do fun activities with his sisters,” Nick said. “And the cost savings doesn’t hurt because, let’s face it, child care is expensive.”  

As much as Brooks loves his sisters, he’s been having a blast hopping around the Frog Pond (the child care center classroom for two-year-olds).

“All of my kids are social butterflies,” Nick said. “That also means they can be quite the handful once in a while. That’s the other thing I love about the center. The teachers and staff are amazing, and I can trust them to give Brooks the right amount of structure. Plus, I’m right down the hall if I ever want to check in on him.”

“VGM’s child care center has been a great experience for us so far,” Nick continued. “And it’s nice that the other parents are also my coworkers. I would absolutely recommend looking into the center to any VGMers with kids. The friendships Brooks has made at the center with the other kids, has made my relationships with co-workers, new and existing, stronger as well.”

The VGM On-Site Campus Child Care Center is operated by Community United Child Care Centers (CUCCC). It is available to any child whose parent, legal guardian, grandparent, aunt, or uncle is an active VGM employee. Start creating your future—and your little one’s—at