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NewsStories From the VGM Group Child Care Center: A Spot for Weston

“The child care center was one of the main reasons VGM appealed to me,” said Samantha Doering (Corporate Communications & Events). Her 19-month-old son Weston, who Samantha says is now “a completely different kid,” started going to the VGM child care center when it opened in November 2023. 

While Samantha can breathe easily now—especially since her kid on the way will also have a spot in the center—the struggle leading up to the child care center’s opening was at times incredibly stressful.

“When I was expecting Weston, I figured that living in a larger city, child care shouldn’t be an issue,” she said. “I was calling everyone, everywhere regardless of what their ratings were. I just needed something. But almost everything had at least a six-month waiting period. There were a few that even had two years for their wait!”

Luckily, she was able to find a spot for Weston at an in-home day care. However, it was common for this place to close suddenly, leaving Sam to need to take unpaid leave at her previous job to keep Weston home with her. 

"With the VGM child care center, I don’t have to worry about sudden closures.” 

And Weston being around kids his age has changed him in positive ways! Though initially a rough transition for Weston, Samantha notices that he is now a much more social butterfly. He doesn’t need to be always attached to his mom, talks and plays more, and has way more energy. 

“There is something really comforting about having Weston close in case of an emergency. And when my next one arrives, both will have a spot. And another perk about VGM is there are designated rooms for me to nurse when I need to!” said Samantha. 

And what happened to those other day care centers Samantha reached out to before starting at VGM? 

“I was getting calls from places I reached out to nearly a year ago for a place for Weston saying they had openings! This is why I’m so grateful for VGM and the child care center; there are always openings and spots for newcomers, and it seems all those worries I had about previous care centers are completely out the window with VGM.” 

The VGM On-Site Campus Child Care Center is operated by Community United Child Care Centers (CUCCC). It is available to any child whose parent, legal guardian, grandparent, aunt, or uncle is an active VGM employee. Start creating your future—and your little one’s—at