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NewsIs Medtrade on Your Mind? VGM Speakers Announced

Seven  VGM Group, Inc., associates will give presentations at Medtrade Spring. Rob Baumhover (VGM Retail), Ryan Ball (VGM and Associates), Mark Higley (VGM Regulatory), Wayne van Halem (The van Halem Group), Maria Markusen (VGM Retail), Bill Stelzer (AHIA), and Christina Throndson (VGM Forbin) will share their expertise on the following topics:
  • Best practices for tracking and monitoring audits
  • Building and cultivating a high performance sales team
  • Obtaining and utilizing data to create revenue driving sales and marketing strategies
  • Accessing, sorting and analyzing active bid contracting data
  • Product, inventory and merchandising strategies
  • Increasing brand awareness through traditional and online methods
  • And more…
Stop by our booth (No. 316) to talk to any of the VGM speakers. While you’re there, pick up your invitation to the VGM party on Tuesday, March 31, and sign up to win free registration for the Heartland Conference. For more information about Medtrade, VGM speakers and presentations, and VGM member exclusive pricing, click here.