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NewsLegislation for Increased Access to Residential Stair Lifts Heads to Michigan Senate

LegStairLiftIn-home stair lifts are KEY for people with disabilities and seniors to live in their homes. However, access to such lifts hasn’t been easy in Michigan.  Last week our partners, Accessible Home Improvements of America (AHIA), headed to Michigan to push for legislation reform that would make increased access to in-home stair lifts a reality for Michigan residents. We are pleased to announce, they were very successful in their advocacy efforts. Current Michigan law regulates residential stair lifts in the same manner as commercial elevators. This has made simple-stair lifts more expensive and less accessible for those on a fixed income. On May 6, the Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform passed HB 4163, led by Rep. Al Pscholka, and 4162, led by Rep. Aric Nesbitt to alleviate the issue.  Our partners, AHIA, were present at the hearing along with Michigan home medical equipment providers. “This three-year endeavor to enact change has been a process of communication, education, research and partnership,” commented Jerry Keiderling, president of AHIA. “As accessibility/HME providers, our professional mantra is to provide caring solutions for consumers to manage their health and daily lifestyles.  The current regulations restricted our capabilities to provide such services.” To make sure that safety is still the priority, the bills require that the installer be a licensed elevator contractor or certified by the manufacturer of the residential lift. “These bills are about keeping our seniors, disabled veterans and mobility-impaired individuals in their homes,” said Rep. Al Pscholka, in a recent article.  “Making stair lifts accessible to a larger demographic will improve the lives of many Michigan residents.” The bills are headed to the Michigan Senate for a vote. If approved, the Governor will sign the bills into law. We will keep you updated on the status of this legislation. A special thank you to AHIA, Michigan HME providers and Representatives Al Pscholka and Aric Nesbitt for taking a stand for accessibility!