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NewsDME and O&P suppliers testify at Small Business Administration Hearing: Photos

DMEOP Five medical equipment suppliers and one VGM Group, Inc., employee testified at the Small Business Administration hearing in Washington, D.C. April 27. They provided insight on the burdens Medicare has caused them. Making the trip were Sara Beck of San Joaquin O & P of California; David Chandler of Liberty Medical Specialties and President of NCAMES; Dan Fedor of VGM; John Tyo of Syracuse Prosthetics in New York and his guest patient, David Lewis of New York; Colleen Brabec of Mobilis Inc, Iowa; and Wayne Sale, formerly of Health First in Virginia. The sole purpose of this hearing was to give small business owners a forum to comment on unfair enforcement actions, government audits, and excessive fines or regulations. SmallBusinessAdminHearing2John Gallagher of VGM who also attended the hearing said, “We couldn’t have had a better panel of testifiers -- from the O&P suppliers who gave fact-based and emotional testimonies about the onerous audit process, to the DME suppliers who spoke of lost business and lack of beneficiary access due to competitive and audits. “ After the hearing, National Ombudsman Brian Castro discussed the medical suppliers’ issues in depth. He assured the group that he will work with its federal agency partners to address the concerns, reduce regulatory burdens and help small businesses grow.