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NewsCongratulations to Our 2023 VGM Language Learning Program Graduates

Over the course of six months, 37 dedicated employee owners worked towards mastery of either English or Spanish as part of the VGM Language Learning Program. And in November, VGM celebrated their hard work with graduation ceremonies at VGM’s Main Campus and Fulfillment warehouses.  

“Our VGM employee owners never cease to amaze me,” VGM Chief People Officer Sara Laures said. “The VGM Language Learning Program demonstrates our employee owners’ dedication to Cheering Each Other On. Our employee owners developed the program and continue to administer it. And the growth among our first group of graduates is truly inspiring. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these exceptional employee owners, as well as the future program participants.”

The VGM Language Learning Program allows participants to advance at their own pace through a combination of on-site and mobile learning, as well as live tutoring sessions. So far, participants have logged nearly 1,000 hours of learning, and some are still learning.

Each of VGM’s language learners hit outstanding milestones in mastering a new language, and they all deserve a huge round of applause.      

Create Your Future

During the graduation ceremony, several of the learners took a moment to show off their hard-earned new skill and share a little about their motivations to learn. For some, the motivation was personal, but for all of the graduates, learning a new language is about seizing opportunity.

“With this program, we are allowing VGM employee owners the ability to Create Their Future,” said Brenda Abarca. She’s a people and culture coordinator with VGM Fulfillment and also helps administer the Language Learning Program. “Learning a new language is so much more than communication. It gives you the ability to understand and connect with others.”

“The VGM Language Learning Program was built to change lives and help our company grow,” Brenda continued. “My grandma always told me: Lo que sea que tu suenes, será posible solo si lo intentas. Whatever it is you dream of will only be possible if you try.”

Thank you to our language learners, and all the employee owners offered their support, for Making a Difference every single day!

2023 VGM Language Learning Program Graduates

Xavier Lopez-VGM Fulfillment – Waterloo

Kini Caraveo-VGM Fulfillment – Waterloo

Zachary Garrigus-VGM Fulfillment – Waterloo

Josh Musgrave-VGM Fulfillment – Waterloo

Alexandria Beganovic- HOMELINK

Heidi Burke- HOMELINK

Mackenna Potts- HOMELINK

Betheny Miller-Stark- HOMELINK

Stephanie Mangrich-Human Capital

Brad Curry-Corporate IT

Chris Weichman- Corporate IT

Livania Perez   VGM Fulfillment – Nashville

Michael Lima  VGM Fulfillment - Nashville

Silvia De Pool  VGM Fulfillment – Nashville

Adam Jones     VGM Fulfillment – Nashville

Damon Caple  VGM Fulfillment – Nashville     

Brenda Carrasco         VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania

Maria Lorenzo             VGM Fulfillment - Pennsylvania

Marisol Sanchez          VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania

Lismel Almanzar          VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania

Myrna Vargas              VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania

Heidy Santana             VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania

Nancy Quinones          VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania

Glorianylis Rodriguez  VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania

Chance Dorman          VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania

Krystal Segura  VGM Fulfillment – Pennsylvania          

Mary Wilson    VGM Fulfillment – Phoenix

Kyle Gordon    VGM Fulfillment – Phoenix

Cody Baker      VGM Fulfillment – Phoenix

Katia de Santiago        VGM Fulfillment – Phoenix

Jhoanna Gonzalez       VGM Fulfillment – Phoenix

Mariellys Gutierrez     VGM Fulfillment – Phoenix

The VGM Language Learning Program was funded in part by a State of Iowa Language Learners Job Training Program grant.