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NewsClub Cents is VGM Club’s newest networking tool to bring members and suppliers together.

What is Club Cents?

Club Cents will transmit information about the club industry to members through blog posts and podcasting. VGM Club understands our immense collection of suppliers makes it nearly impossible to be an expert on each service and product. Fortunately, you don’t have to be one – that’s our job! Listen to our podcasts, read our blog posts, and learn.

 “Club Cents will simply further our capability to provide information club managers need to optimize their purchasing habits.”

Take a moment to read some of our previous posts-

Could your facility be at risk for fraudulent credit card liability? How can Transfirst alleviate that risk? Have you made the EMV switch?

Is your club a little stuffy? –No, no we don’t mean the members. We are talking about air quality. Would you be interested in learning some simple maintenance practices, and how to save money on air filters from Grainger? Is your facility a little stuffy?

These questions and many more are answered in our blog!

Something New – Podcast

Our first podcast episode is available on iTunes, and it is titled “Jabbin’ on Java.” We talk to industry insider, and Compass Foodbuy’s coffee expert, Ali Yousefpour, about hot beverages. During our talk with Ali, we learn about the evolution of coffee, industry trends, and pricing factors. Ali also gives us some rules to live by when purchasing, selling, and offering these hot beverages within the club world.

To find our podcast on iTunes type in “VGM Club” in the search bar and most importantly, subscribe!