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NewsArchive: March 2016

HIPAA Lesson 1: Top Five Compliance Issues

By Dorothy de Souza Guedes, VGM Education There are many ways to violate HIPAA, from intentionally snooping into medical records of a former spouse to carelessly tossing patient records into the trash or leaving a message about a treatment...

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State of the Golf Club Industry

The annual Golf Course Industry (GCI) Magazine State of the Industry Report is out for 2016. The GCI State of the Industry Report is a leading survey within the golf industry. Golf Course Industry Magazine is a proven resource for...

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$17,000 in Ransom Paid by a Health System in LA. Is this a Hollywood movie or Modern-day Pirates?

By Jeremy Kauten, chief information officer, VGM Group, Inc. Every CEO or business owner is likely asking their IT staff, “Can this happen to us?” And the answer isYES, whether they admit it or not. Hackers steal private patient...

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A Tumultuous Start to 2016 Shapes Legislative Priorities for Complex Rehab

2015 ended with high hopes for complex rehab technology (CRT) providers, as a last minute effort to delay cuts to CRT accessories was pushed quickly through Congress. Providers and industry advocates would be given one additional year to make...

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